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Syllabus of anatomy and physiology at HYS for teacher training

Syllabus of anatomy and physiology at Himalan yogshala for teacher training:-

Cell-basic , composite living structural and functional unit,

Several levels of structural organization :-

  • a-chemical level: -chemical substance essential for life.
  • B-cellular level-basic structural and functional units.
  • c-tissue level-group of similar cells.
  • d-organ level-compose of two or more different tissues
  • e-system level-association of organs having common function
  • f-organism level –one living individual

Principal system of human body.

A-shape , size and movement group.

  • 1-integumentary system…
  • 2-skeletal system……..
  • 3-muscular system…….

B-control group.

  • 1-nervous system….
  • 2-endocrine system…..

C-maintenance group.

  • 1-cardiovascular system….
  • 2-respiratory system………
  • 3-digestive system…..
  • 4-excretory system….
  • 5-lymphatic system…
  • 6-reproductive system…

History of yoga

History of yoga

Sergey Vorobey has prepared for the Himalayan Yoga Academy

c. 300 BCE - the term “yoga” first appears in the Hindu scripture Katha Upanishad: Yama, God of Death, teaches young Naciketas about the instrument which helps to live in happiness and not be afraid of the death – about yoga

c. 300 BCE - Shvetashvatara Upanishad describes the procedure during which the practitioner is sitting upright and with the help of the breath controls the mind – Pranayama

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Yoga for Beginners in HYS IN Rishikesh,India

Yoga for Beginners in HYS IN RISHIKESH India

HYS offers one and two week intensive yoga courses for beginners in India. Your interest in yoga and meditation will be fully satisfied at this yoga school, All the courses at the HYS are conducted in a safe environment so that the learner can begin a personal practice with the greatest freedom and ease.

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