Sabbal Rana


Sabbal Singh Rana born and brought up in the valley of Himalayas.

He belongs to a vedic (spiritual) family. A family in which all the members used to chant vedic mantras and deeply involved in rituals things. Since childhood he has been greatly influence by his family.After finishing school education he went for higher education in university where he did the bachelors degree of  bio (zoology. Botany and chemistry) Science stream and yoga.

He did one year diploma in yogic science and therapy (from Garhwal University) & 2 years yoga charya (master degree) in yoga Philosophy ( from Sanskirit university Haridwar U.K.)During his university periods he came across famous saint and yogi swami vigyana nand ji of yog niketan ashram and others learned in yogic asnas,mudras,and prnayamas etc. Where he was practically guided in the path of hatha yoga, raj yoga, kundalni yoga,to name a few..Sabbal singh rana has already got five years experience in the field of teaching. He was a regular teacher in yog niketan(a well-known institution for Hatha and Raj yoga) his teaching in the said institution had been highly appreciated from students from abroad.He also taught in Anand Prakash Ashram (institution) of yoga   which is famous for teacher training course for yoga.He also guided yoga classes held in association for yoga and meditation, where he became the in charge of supervision of teacher training.His experience with teaching in abroad.He conducted several workshops in china also he is a well known expert in the field of Hatha, pranayamas breathing exercises and Iyengar yoga.

His simple and Synchronization teaching way of delivering deep alignment concepts is his strength

Nana Morooka


Nana graduated from the arts theater production department course at Nihon University, College of Art in Tokyo, Japan. She researched and studied the link between body and mind.

She has been teaching Yoga classes from 2008 and has been teaching future yoga teachers (YTT) from 2012. From 2009 to 2012, she managed 3 yoga studios in Tokyo and Chiba. She is a main teacher of “THP yoga studio” and also treat the patient by acupuncture and moxibustion. studies of human anatomy, meridian and neurology. Her goal is to fuse her intimate knowledge of the human body with yoga practice, and traditional oriental medicine.

Nana has loved and practiced dance ever since her childhood. She’s familiar with various dance forms such as traditional and contemporary Japanese dance, African dance, and Capoeira. When she was 18, she was diagnosed with Rheumatism and was bedridden. This was when she was introduced to Hatha yoga. She began practicing Hatha as a rehabilitation method. With persistent effort, Nana practiced daily for 5 years. Every day she woke up and faced the challenges of her own body and dedicated time to her practice. Day by day her pain subsided and she became stronger, more flexible, and agile. And now, she has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa. Through this experience, she found that we as human beings have unlimited potentialities and we can overcome all obstacles if we look inside ourselves for the answers. Yoga is the way to guide us…Nana will guide you so you too can see the real you!!

She will guide you with persuasive words and body.

      Yogi Mahesh Bhatt


      Yogi Mahesh Bhatt:- A gold medalist in masters degree in yogic sciences from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University has been a regular speaker and participant in various international conferences on yoga. He has conducted many workshops on yoga, Ayurveda and naturopathy at many educational institutes And hospitals. A true master of his subject, Yoga and its effects on various illnesses and the benefits of Ayurveda and naturopathy is a pranic healer also.

      • Location: Rishikesh

        Acharya Ram Prasad


        Acharya Ram Prasad is a life time lecturer in Indian philosophy namely Yoga, Sankhya, Nyaya, vaisheshika, Mimansha and Vedanta. (Six-fold philosophy) He is a staunch practitioner of meditation and highly appreciated meditation instructor and spiritually realized soul.He was born in an orthodox Brahmin family in Himalayan kingdom.He was enquirer, keen overseer of the events of life and nature from his tender boyhood days that led him to study deep in spiritual revelation.After completing matriculation, he abandoned home, came to Varanasi, a holy shrine, a place of spiritual learning, came in contact with several masters and monks, practiced meditation and contemplation studied Sanskrit and philosophy, especially the Yogic system of Maharishi Patanjali including Sankhya , Jainism, and Buddhism and Jyotsha (vedic astrology)

        He acquired Master degree in Sanskrit and philosophy and awarded as “Acharya” From Sampurnanda Vishwa Vidyalaya, varanasi) back in 2006.

        He met Swami Dayanand Saraswati, his spiritual teacher, an exponent of vedant a global teacher back in 2008 and studied deep implication of Vedanta at his feet.He has met some important figures on spiritual lane like BKS yiengar, Dalai lama and shree Shree Ravi Shankar, undergone their courses and teaching, practiced and assimilated the suttle aspect of meditation and comparative study between the two –Hinduism and Buddhism.He met his spiritual master swami Premanand ji of Kailah ashram whose desplic succession comes from acharya Shankar and whose meeting turned his life to the total spiritual path, the path of meditation, renunciation, and realization.He toured India and Nepal widely and studied various aspects in meditation and kundali during his travel—from Buddhist, Jainism and Hindu system to name a few.He was a regular meditation instructer and lecturer in renowned institute of Yoga and Meditation named Yoga Niketan, Rishikesh from year 2008 to 2013 and simultaneously worked as an editor of bio-monthly magazine by name Akhand sadhana published in the same said institute, Yoga Niketan.HE conducted talks and meditation practices in abroad in collaboration with acharya Sudam and Acharya Akhilesh Bodhi.

        Presently he is working as a teacher of meditation, yoga, philosophy and Sanskrit too.

        • Location: Rishikesh

          Yogi Nand Ji


          Yogi Nand Ji, an MBA is a Corporate Yoga & Meditation Trainer. He is brought up in ancient Gurukul of Vedic culture and has been practicing yoga & meditation since the age of 5 years old. He has cherished thousands of Veda’s mantras, which are being chanted while teaching. Yogi Nand Ji has also performed many Vedic Yajnas for the world peace. He learnt yoga & mediation under guidance & supervision of many saints i.e. Swami Shakti Vesh, Swami Kranti Vesh while doing sandhna in Gurukul Indraprastha in mountains of Arawalis.
          Has also obtained successfully the’ Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from “Patanjali Yog Peeth”, Haridwar (U.K.), is a registered yoga teacher on its panel as also his name is published in the world yoga teacher directory.
          Yogi Nand Ji is a Sadhak (Practitioner) of Pranayama. He teaches “Pran (Oxyzen)” as a medicine and in turn succeeds to cure thousands of grief stricken persons suffering from lethal diseases like Diabetes, H.B.P., Angina, Blockages in Arteries, Obesity, Asthma, Bronchitis, Leucoderma, Depression, Parkinson, Insomnia, - Migraine, Thyroid, Arthritis, Cervical Spondalities, Hepatitis, Chronic Renal Failure, Cancer, Cirrhosis of Liver, Gas, Constipation, Acidity etc. which are still a challenge in modern medical science.
          Yogi Nand Ji teaches meditation in a very simple way. According to yogis, an ordinary person may consider meditation as a worship or prayer. But it is not so. Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation. Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. Meditation means ‘to join together’. It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns. The observer (one who is doing meditation) realizes that all the activity of the mind is reduced to one.
          Yogi Nand Ji has conducted many training session for corporate officials, VIP’s, IAS’s, IPS’s, & Institutes. He has been appreciated by several corporate groups for his simple teaching of yoga & mediation for mental, physical & spiritual fitness as also their officials were able to enhance their productivity by virtue of increase concentration & stamina, More self confidence, Positive attitude and outlook, Inner peace, calm and happiness, Greater devotion towards nature, Expansion of love & affection, More energy and vitality, Less and restful sleep, Improved values in life, Communal harmony, Quick decision, Improved productivity.
          Yogi Nand Ji, while teaching, is more inclined to focus on root causes of the problems. Benefits are - Diabetes – Sugar Problems, High Blood Pressure – Heart Problems, Respiratory Ailments – Asthma, Joint Pain – Arthritis, Eye and Skin Problem, Headaches – Migraines, Lack of Energy – Laziness, Anxiety, stress, Tension, Depression – Mental Disorders, Stomach and Digestive disorders, Any Chronic Problem.
          The only vision of Yogi Nand Ji’s life is – to spread his deep knowledge of scientific techniques of yoga & mediation across the globe as contribution towards the world peace.
          The advice of Yogi Nand Ji - it is now essential to organize a trailing session on yoga & meditation for staff/employees/students in all sectors, viz. hotels, corporate, NGOs, Govt. Deptt., Public Sectors, Educational Institutes, etc., since the Stress in the workplace/Institutes is an increasingly important issue. It is costly to both individuals and organizations. Stress is the point of imbalance when the tension being sustained feels too great. The stress response narrows your ability to think clearly and function effectively. It can disable you physically and emotionally.
          Presently, he is practicing yoga & meditation in Himalayan Yogshala, Tapovan, Rishikesh,

          • Location: Rishikesh