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Himalayan Yogshala is located on the bank of holy river Ganga/Ganges in Laxman Jhula Rishikesh. The school is very easy to access and approachable walking towards Laxman Jhula suspension bridge from the Tapovan Sarai police station. The school is just 200 Mtrs. far from the police station near Anand Dham temple. The name “Himalayan Yogshala” comes from two different words. The word “Himalayan” derived from the inspiration of the almighty Himalayas and the word Yogshala means the place of yoga. Thus, Himalayan Yogshala simply means the Himalayan place for yoga.

About Founder



Sabbal Singh Rana born and brought up in the valley of Himalayas. He belongs to a vedic (spiritual) family. A family in which all the members used to chant vedic mantras and deeply involved in rituals things. Since childhood he has been greatly influence by his family.After finishing school education he went for higher education in university where he did the bachelors degree of bio (zoology. Botany and chemistry) Science stream and yoga. He did one year diploma in yogic science and therapy (from Garhwal University) & 2 years yoga charya (master degree) in yoga Philosophy ( from Sanskirit university Haridwar U.K.)

During his university periods he came across famous saint and yogi swami vigyana nand ji of yog niketan ashram and others learned in yogic asnas,mudras,and prnayamas etc. Where he was practically guided in the path of hatha yogaraj yogakundalni yoga,to name a few. Sabbal singh rana has already got five years experience in the field of teaching. He was a regular teacher in yog niketan(a well-known institution for Hatha and Raj yoga) his teaching in the said institution had been highly appreciated from students from abroad.He also taught in Anand Prakash Ashram (institution) of yoga which is famous for teacher training course for yoga.He also guided yoga classes held in association for yoga and meditation, where he became the in charge of supervision of teacher training.His experience with teaching in abroad.He conducted several workshops in china also he is a well known expert in the field of Hatha, pranayamas breathing exercises and Iyengar yoga. His simple and Synchronization teaching way of delivering deep alignment concepts is his strength.