Syllabus of anatomy and physiology at HYS for teacher training

Syllabus of anatomy and physiology at Himalan yogshala for teacher training:-

Cell-basic , composite living structural and functional unit,

Several levels of structural organization :-

  • a-chemical level: -chemical substance essential for life.
  • B-cellular level-basic structural and functional units.
  • c-tissue level-group of similar cells.
  • d-organ level-compose of two or more different tissues
  • e-system level-association of organs having common function
  • f-organism level –one living individual

Principal system of human body.

A-shape , size and movement group.

  • 1-integumentary system…
  • 2-skeletal system……..
  • 3-muscular system…….

B-control group.

  • 1-nervous system….
  • 2-endocrine system…..

C-maintenance group.

  • 1-cardiovascular system….
  • 2-respiratory system………
  • 3-digestive system…..
  • 4-excretory system….
  • 5-lymphatic system…
  • 6-reproductive system…

History of yoga

History of yoga

Sergey Vorobey has prepared for the Himalayan Yoga Academy

c. 300 BCE – the term “yoga” first appears in the Hindu scripture Katha Upanishad: Yama, God of Death, teaches young Naciketas about the instrument which helps to live in happiness and not be afraid of the death – about yoga

c. 300 BCE – Shvetashvatara Upanishad describes the procedure during which the practitioner is sitting upright and with the help of the breath controls the mind – Pranayama

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