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Our institution is named after holy Himalaya to full fill the needs and spirit of yoga in the holy vibration of mount Himalayas with the grace of holy Ganges and the surrounding of Yoga Capital “Rishikesh” please come and join the best yoga practice with Masters.

Explore Yogic Culture

Yoga is a way to learn and understand the spiritual India. Also, yoga is associated with the culture and heritage of India. In Sanskrit, yoga means to unite and describes a way to live a healthy life. In yoga, the mind is disciplined through meditation and the body is aligned and strengthened.



Do you understand yoga as just a way of exercising or do you consider it to be away of life that encourages human beings to live in harmony with their own selves and also with the environment they live in. One reason to learn yoga is that it teaches you to keep in balance the emotions, the mind and also actions. This balance is maintained through asanas, breath control and meditation. The true yogi is one who will discover the ultimate truth through yoga.

Not many know that yoga has divine origins as the secrets of this discipline were first revealed to the Rishis/Sages by Lord Shiva himself. To understand the true value of yoga you need to first understand that yoga was scientifically chalked out at a time when more than half the world was not even civilized. Therefore it is always a good idea to learn yoga that is authentically taught in the place of its origin in Rishikesh, India.

Yoga is not just another exercise regimen so learn yoga for the holistic experience it can give you and not merely a way to lose weight. Yoga impacts the whole body the mind and the spirit so learn it keeping all three in mind. It is necessary to know exactly what effect each pose has on your physiology and on your psychology to reap the full benefits. Learning yoga from a true practitioner will fill you with confidence for it will teach you to accept that you are a valuable part of the universe as you make it whole. Learning yoga without its spiritual implications is like trying to tell a fish to remain out of water

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training India Starting From 13 March 2017


The comprehensive course will familiarize you with the tenets of yoga philosophy and history, will help you intensify and master yoga Asanas in tandem with their effect on anatomy. You will observe daily Pranayama and meditation along with chanting so you understand their strengthening and balancing properties. Bring you an understanding of yogic discipline, diet and cleansing rituals and you will be taught how to go about becoming a good yoga teacher.


Katerina Baldina
I experienced Sabbal Rana as a very great yoga teacher, i recommend his teaching with all my heart. i found him to be a very energetic, joyful and caring teacher. i always felt he teaches with all his heart. fully present with the students, fully present in what he is teaching, and that makes the class very lively. He can take the class to different directions, sometimes intensive and some times deep and peaceful. Rana makes the assanas be more then just body exercise, he gives the student inspiration how to take the yoga assanas into the different situations in life.
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