THP yoga studio

Nana graduated from the arts theater production department course at Nihon University, College of Art in Tokyo, Japan. She researched and studied the link between body and mind. She has been teaching Yoga classes from 2008 and has been teaching future yoga teachers (YTT) from 2012. From 2009 to 2012, she managed 3 yoga studios in Tokyo and Chiba. She is a main teacher of “THP yoga studio” and also treat the patient by acupuncture and moxibustion. studies of human anatomy, meridian and neurology. Her goal is to fuse her intimate knowledge of the human body with yoga practice, and traditional oriental medicine. Nana has loved and practiced dance ever since her childhood. She’s familiar with various dance forms such as traditional and contemporary Japanese dance, African dance, and Capoeira. When she was 18, she was diagnosed with Rheumatism and was bedridden.

This was when she was introduced to Hatha yoga. She began practicing Hatha as a rehabilitation method. With persistent effort, Nana practiced daily for 5 years. Every day she woke up and faced the challenges of her own body and dedicated time to her practice. Day by day her pain subsided and she became stronger, more flexible, and agile. And now, she has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa. Through this experience, she found that we as human beings have unlimited potentialities and we can overcome all obstacles if we look inside ourselves for the answers. Yoga is the way to guide us…Nana will guide you so you too can see the real you!!



Yoga, Sankhya, Nyaya, vaisheshika, Mimansha and Vedanta

Acharya Ram Prasad is a life time lecturer in Indian philosophy namely Yoga, Sankhya, Nyaya, vaisheshika, Mimansha and Vedanta. (Six-fold philosophy) He is a staunch practitioner of meditation and highly appreciated meditation instructor and spiritually realized soul.He was born in an orthodox Brahmin family in Himalayan kingdom.He was enquirer, keen overseer of the events of life and nature from his tender boyhood days that led him to study deep in spiritual revelation.After completing matriculation, he abandoned home, came to Varanasi, a holy shrine, a place of spiritual learning, came in contact with several masters and monks, practiced meditation and contemplation studied Sanskrit and philosophy, especially the Yogic system of Maharishi Patanjali including Sankhya , Jainism, and Buddhism and Jyotsha (vedic astrology. He acquired Master degree in Sanskrit and philosophy and awarded as “Acharya” From Sampurnanda Vishwa Vidyalaya, varanasi) back in 2006.

He met Swami Dayanand Saraswati, his spiritual teacher, an exponent of vedant a global teacher back in 2008 and studied deep implication of Vedanta at his feet.He has met some important figures on spiritual lane like BKS yiengar, Dalai lama and shree Shree Ravi Shankar, undergone their courses and teaching, practiced and assimilated the suttle aspect of meditation and comparative study between the two –Hinduism and Buddhism.He met his spiritual master swami Premanand ji of Kailah ashram whose desplic succession comes from acharya Shankar and whose meeting turned his life to the total spiritual path, the path of meditation, renunciation, and realization.He toured India and Nepal widely and studied various aspects in meditation and kundali during his travel—from Buddhist, Jainism and Hindu system to name a few.He was a regular meditation instructer and lecturer in renowned institute of Yoga and Meditation named Yoga Niketan, Rishikesh from year 2008 to 2013 and simultaneously worked as an editor of bio-monthly magazine by name Akhand sadhana published in the same said institute, Yoga Niketan.HE conducted talks and meditation practices in abroad in collaboration with acharya Sudam and Acharya Akhilesh Bodhi.Presently he is working as a teacher of meditation, yoga, philosophy and Sanskrit too.

Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri Maharaj


Meet Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri Maharaj, a Maha-Mandaleshwar based out of Rishikesh.Born Swarup Pradhan, into a traditional, joint family in Maharashtra, he studied Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Bombay University. During this period he listened to Pujya Swami Chinmayananda, the great exponent of Vedanta. Swami ji sprinkles nectarine teachings on all disciplines, be it through Karma, Bhakti or Gyana Yoga teachings. The degree in Psychology now tempered with the wisdom of Vedanta made him an ideal counselor and guide.In 2011,he accepted lecture invites for a Vedanta Sammelan [Conference] at Swami Kashikananda Ashram at Mumbai. the Brahmachari was initiated as Mahamandaleshwar in an elaborately traditional Pattabhisheka (Ordination ceremony) held in Kashi, on the banks of the sacred Ganga. The title was conferred upon him by the August Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Punyananda Maharaj of Niranjani Akhada.

Immediately thereafter, Swamiji moved to the Pavitra Bhumi (sacred ground) of Rishikesh where the Sannyas Ashram is located. He is now a globe trotter, who enthralls avid listeners with his unique style of discourses on Vedanta, and Yoga Sutras. He enriches yoga enthusiasts across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, France, and Italy with spiritual discourses. In Oct 15, he also represented Hinduism at the Vatican Council.Swami ji in the true style of renunciation is a Swami on the go, with a heart for those dithering without a plan or purpose in life. Spreading clarity, cheer and contentment comes naturally to him.



Dr.G.K.Rastogi is an Ayurvedic doctor specialist in panchakarma. He is a qualified Ayurveda doctor, Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine & surgery (B.A.M.S), Ayurveda degree from S.R.M. State Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Bareilly, uttar pradesh, India, affiliated to CSJM Kanpur University. He also done advanced Ayurveda course, MD Ayurveda in Rasa-shastra & Bhaisajya kalpana from Rishikul Ayurvedic college & Hospital, Haridwar , Uttarakhand, India, affiliated to HNB Shrinagar garhwal university. He was studied of your basic course during 5and ½ years and then he also completed his advanced course (MD in ayurveda) in next 3 years. After that he did practiced as a panckarma specialist and as a consultant till continue. He also work as a good energy healer and give theta healing to his clients.

Expertise in panchakarma / detoxification, rejuvenation treatment, Ayurvedic therapy, pulse diagnosis, identification of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic consultation, Lectures on Ayurvedic philosphy, Herbs & Diets, Pharmacy manufacturing of medicine. He also have good experience to teach so many students of different countries like Italy, Russia, Holland, Netherlands, USA, Canada etc.